Quik E-Discovery Software

Purpose built for greater control, advanced functionality, and accessibility by all

QuikData is a fully integrated start-to-finish
E-Discovery platform engineered for advanced functionality – but designed for flexibility and the level of control service providers, law firms and corporate legal departments need.

The platform that legal professionals love to use.

E-Discovery software needn’t be difficult to use, inflexible or built on decades old code. Quik E-Discovery offers more using the latest technology and AI – a fully integrated functionality from processing and search to AI-powered assisted review, review workflow to production in a flexible and configurable platform based on your needs. On-premises, OnDemand (SaaS) or in your cloud. Full-service or self-service.

Whether you’re a service provider seeking to differentiate your services and add new hosting revenue streams, or a law firm or corporate legal department seeking an all-inclusive, flexibly delivered e-discovery platform, the choices are yours.

Two decades leadership in e-discovery technology.

We’ve been leaders in legal technology and e-discovery services for more than 20 years. Our team formed in 2003 with Lateral Data and its all-in-one Viewpoint on-premises e-discovery software. In 2017, we formed QuikData to address the growing need for a modern full-featured solution that offers the advanced functionality, level of control and accessibility clients are asking for.

QuikData Screenshot

The Quik Difference

We built the e-discovery platform we wanted to use. One that's flexible, accessible, efficient and intuitive - without the headaches, costs and unnecessary complexities that come with other solutions.

Feature rich

All the advanced functionality you need start-to-finish–processing, loading, analysis, AI-powered assisted review, review workflow, production and administration. Packaged up in a single platform.

Flexible control

Whether your work or deadlines necessitate ease of use with simple drag and-drop functionality to easily and quickly deliver client service, or you require a more full-service approach, you have options based on the needs of your business.

Flexible deployment

Quik accommodates your existing infrastructure–on-premises e-discovery software, OnDemand or your cloud, with rapid scalability to meet your organization’s needs.


When we say everything is included, we mean everything. Unlimited users, full processing, file conversions, analytics and machine learning, site administration and unlimited productions. No a la carte costly add-ons or clunky bolt-on tools.

Accessible to all

Partner and user training is quick and easy no matter your level of sophistication with other e-discovery systems. Learn in hours versus days or months. No need for certified administrators or other experts.

More than E-Discovery

Quik VDR is a standalone virtual data room platform for secure collaboration, document exchange and engagement between clients, firms, service providers and other third parties. For transactions, complex projects, pre-litigation, and more. Use Quik E-Discovery for full matters, no moving data.

What Our Clients Say

Fenwick & West LLP

Quik uniquely laser-focuses on the needs of legal professionals as the only VDR platform of its kind.
With more than 10,000 projects and over 20,000 users under its belt, the QuikData platform equips our Practice Support team with the essential tools to manage our practice groups' technology needs securely and cost-effectively.

Celeste Baker
Founder & CEO, Pure Data Discovery

Quik is a easy-to-use, but sophisticated platform, for legal teams that want to take control of their E-Discovery. I really enjoy the user-friendly interface with innovative features and collaborative access from anywhere. With over 100 matters in QuikData, our firm considers QuikData a one-stop, flexible E-Discovery solution that not only simplifies complex legal work but also reduces costs.

Beverly Linkhart
Supervising Paralegal,
Kennedy & Souza APC

No other E-Discovery platform is easier to use. QuikData empowers our paralegals with the tools they need to more efficiently manage their E-Discovery challenges.