QuikData for Service Providers

Service providers need technology to help their clients with ALL of their cases, not just the big ones. QuikData is the solution of choice for service providers as it has all of the necessary eDiscovery features firms need but without all of the management headaches.

Empower your clients to process, review and produce documents more autonomously and free up project managers to help you grow your business.


How does QuikData benefit Service Providers?

  1. Quick case startup, automated processing
  2. Self-service features reduces project management time and costs
  3. Full featured eDiscovery puts clients at ease
  4. Full system reporting and audit capabilities for all matters
  5. Complete back end tools for service providers when you need them

Where QuikData fits in your offerings

  1. Don't just take large matters, take all matters of all sizes easily
  2. QuikData lets you easily take on small matters from more clients to win the bigger opportunities
  3. Clients love QuikData because it's powerful but easy to use - get more clients with less effort


Flexible Hosting Options:

  1. On-premises
  2. In cloud
  3. QuikData SaaS

Simple Pricing Options:

  1. No annual fee GB in revenue share
  2. Small annual fee to buy down GB revenue share


About QuikData:

QuikData was built by the creators of Viewpoint, one of the first all-in-one eDiscovery platforms which was acquired by Xerox (now Conduent) in 2012. While Viewpoint was a great platform, it had heavy infrastructure requirements, high management costs and was not easy for clients to use. When QuikData was born, the entire goal was to create a familiar interface with many self- service features to make the eDiscovery process more accessible for everyone involved.

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