eDiscovery designed for paralegals

Designed by a litigation paralegal, QuikData' eDiscovery workflows are easy-to-use, automated and affordable for all matters, not just the big ones!

  • Stop wasting time on document conversions
  • Automate cumbersome PST and email extraction
  • Take control of your discovery
  • Focus on high-value work
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Processing as easy as Drag & Drop

Upload and process documents from your browser.

  • Easy-to-use Drag & Drop processing
  • Request & collect documents from your clients through the web
  • Automated full eDiscovery processing
  • Integrated OCR, full-text indexing and metadata extraction
  • Automatic PDF conversion for 100+ file types
  • Full chain-of-custody logging
  • Ingest document productions from other parties

Search, review & manage documents seamlessly

QuikData straightforward design makes it easy to find what you need.

  • Full multi-language OCR and full-text indexing
  • E-Discovery Grade Searching with DTSearch
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Auto detection and flag potentially privileged documents
  • View 100+ file types
  • Customizable Tagging and Issue Coding
  • Redaction on the fly
  • Prepare for Depositions
  • Efficiently work with your Experts

Produce, share & collaborate

Produce documents with

  • Produce Bates-labeled PDFs as easy as a drag & drop
  • Share production sets with opposing counsel
  • Customized branding options
  • Automatically generate compliant load files
  • Share documents with clients, co-counsel, and experts
  • Full access and review audit trail
  • Collaborate on documents with integrated Office 365

Celeste E. Baker
eDiscovery Director
Weycer, Kaplan, Pulaski & Zuber, P.C.

What our clients have to say

QuikData has risen through the ranks with its smart eDiscovery capabilities. It's a powerfully simple platform for legal teams that want to take control of eDiscovery. I have about 100 cases currently in QuikData ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 documents. I really enjoy the user-friendly interface with innovative features and collaborative access from anywhere. QuikData is perfect when I need a client to upload case materials, allow experts to conduct document review, or to share discovery productions with opposing counsel. I consider QuikData a one-stop-shop and a flexible eDiscovery solution that not only simplifies complex legal work but also reduces cost.

Cost effective eDiscovery for any size matter

Tired software providers that have minimum matter charges, user fees and "nickel and dime" pricing approaches that put eDiscovery technology out of reach for most litigation matters? Our simple, "no surprise" pricing means that QuikData is the right-sized platform for any litigation matter, big or small.

Pay only for the data you use, without per matter minimum fees, user fees, or lengthy contracts.

  • No processing fees
  • No user fees
  • No production fees
  • No per matter minimum fees
See how we compare:

Case Type Relativity Vendor Leading Non-
Relativity Vendor
5 GB Litigation Matter
(6 months hosting)
$6,700 $3,000 $300
100 GB Litigation
(6 months hosting)
$20,000 $16,800 $6,000
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Work seamlessly from your Windows desktop to upload, edit and manage documents with real-time synchronization to the cloud. QuikData works the way you like to work.


Accelerate transaction time lines with easy to use and secure deal room features.


QuikData allows legal teams to manage pleadings, correspondence, exhibit lists and other case data not managed by other eDiscovery platforms. Centralize case management and replace multiple platforms with QuikData.


Easily prepare witness binders, trial exhibits and organize and share documents for expert review. QuikData has the collaboration and sharing features that legal teams need to win cases and work more efficiently.